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About Me

Teaching is my biggest passion and at the same time a big challenge! I love meeting new people and exchanging knowledge. I'm proud of my students and try to share my experience using an individual approach to each of them.

Japanese for Beginners 100%
Kanji and Vocabulary 80%
Linguistics and Pronunciation 50%

Why Choose Me

I love meeting new people and exchanging knowledge.

Teaching Materials

I use only the best learning materials to create interactive classes for students. They come as an additional source of brainstorm, games, quizzes, and other elements for an exciting learning process.

Acclaimed Scholar

Check out all my Japanese study related awards that I've acheived :) I am SO qualified to tutor you.

Flexible Schedule

Being a student myself, I completely understand how jam-packed your schedule can be!


Let my students tell you what they think about my classes. I'll be glad if you share your opinion and feedback too.

Let's Get Acquainted!

Send me an email and we can get started ASAP.


PO Box 1893, Gig Harbor, WA 98335

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