Angela J. Fisher

Full Stack Software Engineer

Hi, I'm Angela, a software engineer specializing in web development based in Seattle, WA! The technologies I currently work with are GoPython, Django, FastAPI, JavaScript, React, and PostgreSQL. I have a particular soft-spot for backend and also enjoy working with DevOps technologies such as Docker.

I graduated from the University of Puget Sound with a B.A. in Japanese language and culture with a minor in computer science. There's nothing I enjoy more than technology! I've got a keen attention to detail and am very thorough in my work: crafting the most robust, future-proof, and scalable solution to a development problem is one of my biggest passions.


Below are some of the projects I have completed recently.


CommuniTEA | 2023

Bringing your local community together over a cuppa!

CommuniTEA is my capstone project for my software engineering certification program that I worked on in a team of three in a fast-paced, high-pressure agile environment. The single-page web application was built in JavaScript with React utilizing a backend API in Python using FastAPI, bolstered by a PostgreSQL database. It was deployed with CI/CD through the Google Cloud Platform.


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